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Our Coaching Program

JOY evolves….when you do what you love!

How to get there?


Our personal development program guides you to your inner core  – your source of inner strength

CORE helps you to...

  • discover yourself
  • free yourself from self-limitations
  • transform yourself
  • unleash your full potential

6 Loops to your CORE

1. Drive yourself

Actively embark on the journey towards personal growth.
Take the decision to be the driver of your life or you will be driven by others.

2. Accelerate into the unknown

All is possible. Let go of your mental models and open up for diversity of multiple options that enrich your life and your organization.

3. Focus and be balanced

Do not only use your mind, but all your physical senses and your heart to be more resourceful and capable. Thus, you can be the best version of yourself.

4. Use everybody’s talents

Accept that people have different capabilities and talents. Use this talent mix to have all resources available to shape the unknown future.

5. Be determined for action and correction

In a fast-paced environment fast action is required. Be courageous, acknowledge failure and learn fast. Keep on moving and don’t wait for the perfect solution, because it does not exist in an imperfect and ever changing world.

6. Cross-check continuously goals and behaviors

Are you travelling with full commitment on your personal development journey? Are you honest to yourself and to others? Make it a habit to frequently and regularly reflect on your goals and behaviors.

Target group

Deviating from traditional coaching practice, we link personal development to the context of the coachee.

Executive Coaching

Leaders of Multinational Corporations, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and NGOs get inspired to find solutions for challenges of organizational transformation combining personal development with organizational development

Young Leaders Coaching

Graduates of high schools and universities who are in the process of finding the right professional challenges.

Mid-Career Coaching

Individuals in their 40s and 50s who feel the need for career re-positioning.


A dual tracked road to your CORE

The journey goes in iterative cycles, based on action learning in the organizational context.

We focus on an existing issue in the organization and work in the solution of this issue.

In parallel, we look at the personal level of the coachee to identify the root causes of the issue.

The coachee is in the driver seat of his/her development journey. Hence, self-disciplined screening via journaling is the most efficient and effective tool to monitor progress.

At the same time, the journal is a good source for built up wisdom. It can also serve as an issue log we know from project management. Typically, it compiles major experiences made and provides a good overview of the learning and development journey.


Trust is the basis of effective coaching. It is easier to build trust between people that are on the same wave-length.

We offer a 30-60 minutes phone conversation for both parties to assess whether there is a personality fit. This session is free of charge.

Face to face and/or online

The journey usually takes 4-10 sessions over a period of 6-12 months.

Each session has a duration between 1-2 hours.

In general, we recommend personal meetings at the beginning of the coaching process.

Group Coaching

This format is a combination between consulting, workshop, 180-degree-/360-degree-feedback and personal development journeys. A group of 2-5 people comes together to explore specific topics facilitated by one of our coaches.

The format fosters trust coupled with personal insights. Usually, the participants build deeper relations between each other allowing for direct and open feedback and feed-forward.

This format is very effective to build and develop a culture of collaboration with self-empowered change drivers.


There is the option for additional phone coaching sessions on demand in case of urgent need for support. These sessions usually have a duration between 30-60 minutes.


Fees vary depending on the category of customers: There are different rates for corporates sponsoring coaching programs for their leaders, not-for-profit organizations as well as for individuals investing at their own expenses in their personal growth.

Quotations usually comprise of a package price for a certain number of sessions agreed upon. There is also the option to charge by the hour.

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