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‘My Universe of Purpose and Joy’

The transformation to purpose-driven organizations calls for individuals who know who they really are and what they really want. I have developed a navigation system that encompasses all relevant dimensions for personal AND organizational development. Its clear logic and visualization makes it easy-to-use and combines self-leadership with leading teams and organizations in a structured and joyful way.

That’s my contribution to a swift and smooth transition into the new era of enthusiastic doing, where we creatively and innovatively clean up the legacy of the last centuries.

Prof. Dr. Kathrin Köster, founder


Successful transformation: from the inside to the outside

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‘I am convinced that successful transformation of organizations and society is based on self-leadership.
Transformation starts within yourself!’

Therefore, it is important to develop both the individual and the collective, namely teams and organizations. I have founded two organizations that approach transformation from different angles:

The Joy Academy is dedicated to developing individual awareness and inner leadership .
Köster + Partner focuses on the design and development of organizations that are aware of their purpose.

The Twelve Alignments - a multidimensional approach

To navigate organizations successfully through disruptive change and make them fit for the 21st century, we need to look at them as organisms with a mental, physical and emotional dimension, in analogy to human beings. The challenge is to balance those dimensions on the organizational level and in teams in order not only to have a positive balance sheet but positive contributions to the society and the planet.
The balancing power is purpose that can be seen as bundled awareness.
A clear purpose brings inner stability and integration, yet allowing for agility and diversity.
The framework of the Twelve Alignments guides all balancing activities. It helps navigate through complexity and is easy to apply due to the intuitive visualization.
The logic of the framework is that the same dimensions apply on each level. The fundament is the individual with his or her awareness.
When individuals develop their self-awareness and have a clearer understanding of their purpose, they have a more focused impact on the global level, directly or via their organizations.


…focuses on the level of the individual who discovers his or her passion as a driver for personal and global transformation. At The Joy Academy, individuals learn about inner leadership and develop more courage, openness, resilience, appreciation, focus and action orientation.

…focuses on the level of teams and the overall organisation to help them balancing strategy, structure and culture with a clear purpose.
With Köster + Partner, organizations learn how to transform themselves to organisms fit for the 21st century.

The Formies approach is applied at the level of the individual. It serves as the foundation of the Twelve Alignments. The Twelve Alignments are the overall framework engulfing the visible and invisible parts of leadership.

The Joy Academy works primarily with individuals, in one on-one our group settings. Since an organization consists of individuals, inner leadership is the basis of a balanced, purpose-driven organization. Köster + Partner provides the overall framework each individual can use to shape transformation of via projects or entire organizations.

Organizational Leadership

Organizational Transformation

  • design of the organization’s transformation journey
  • purpose crystallization
  • support in implementing the transformation with focus on leadership behavior and culture

Business transformation coaching for executives

  • dual-track coaching for business issues coupled with personal development

Inner Leadership

Individual awareness building

  • focus on self-awareness and the alignment of the mental, physical and emotional dimensions with the Formies


  • strengthening the qualities of courage, openness, resilience, appreciation, focus, action orientation