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Our Product Portfolio

We are specialists for sustainable growth based on behavioral changes.

We cross organizational, functional, and geographic boundaries.

We bring co-creation to life – with joy boosting productivity and innovation.


Goal: Build self-leadership capabilities to unleash full potential


  • Identification of limiting mental models and emotional patterns
  • Development and training of desired behaviors

Time & Setting:

  • One-on-One session (1-4 hours)
  • Group coaching (3-4 hours) for Management Core Teams
  • Personal or via Skype
  • International reach

Languages: English, German, Spanish, Turkish


Goals: Assess and increase organizational readiness for sustainable growth


  • Identification of differences and leveraging heterogeneity to develop new solutions in terms of strategy, structure, and culture

Time & Setting:

  • 0.5 – 2 days
  • Stand-alone workshops or facilitated transformation process (3-12 months) with selected workshops as key milestones

Languages: English, German

Training and In-house Programs

Goal: Developing capabilities and qualities essential to make change happen


  • Helicopter view: Embedding organizational environment into big picture
  • Individual view: Identification of status quo and barriers to change
  • Team view: Training of desired (communication) behaviors for effective collaboration

Time & Setting:

  • 2 days per module
  • Stand-alone modules and 3-6 months learning journeys

Languages: English, German

Inspirational Talks

Goal: Opening up people for acceptance, need, and options for transformational change on personal and organizational level

Examples of topics:

  • „Human Sources – Sustainable without ‚Re‘“
  • „Driving Turbo Change in a fast-paced world“
  • „Be an inspiring leader – a talk from the heart“

Time & Setting:

  • Keynote speech 30-60 minutes
  • Kick-Offs; annual Management Conferences

Languages: English, German