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``A fluid world needs organizations in flow``

We live and do business in an extreme environment characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, diversity and dynamics (VUCAD2).


Everything appears to swing from one extreme to another, like the weather delivering four seasons in one day, or the capital markets.
To integrate this instability into an organization’s everyday life demands letting go of inflexibility. While the old model demands lean and cost-efficient processes, volatility needs some slack to be resilient to extremes.


Decisions need to be made in an environment of uncertainty.
Since everything is insecure, what matters most is authenticity and a clear purpose. Tapping into new sources of information such as diverse stakeholders or one’s own intuition strengthens the quality of decisions arrived at.


Everything is connected. This also applies to the changing interests of all stakeholders. It is important not to get stuck in complicated structures by creating even more rules and processes, but instead to find a simplicity within the complexity by extracting fundamental principles and guidelines for action out of it.


The global world is not black OR white anymore, it is multi-coloured and rich in tones, all of which are relevant. This calls for multi-layered thinking and multiple-option action. Cause-and effect relations are more diffuse and not easily understood anymore. We need to be willing to explore new fields, learning by doing, turning positive and negative experiences, such as mistakes, into assets.


The network of stakeholders from different cultures and with divergent worldviews impacts the organization’s everyday life.
We need to consciously agree on a common language, integrate ALL people as a wellspring of new ideas, allow for dissent and make constructive use of these various sources to generate more resilience and creativity.


All elements of VUCAD2 can be seen as forces intertwined with each other, moving and shaping the organization. These forces are experienced as a spinning top ever increasing in speed and they make organizational members dizzy and breathless. For each organizational member to thrive in such an environment they need to accept VUCAD2 and develop resilience in terms of inner stability. Mastering the art of resilience brings energy and joy.