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Our Philosophy

We see people and organizations holistically. Both are a part of life, so they are organisms, not mechanisms. Our holistic approach extends the classical way of operating, based on abstract thoughts and concepts, by aspects of the physical world and emotions.

The universe of an organization, as we perceive it, can be subdivided into the following four interconnected action levels, which have a common structure:


At the macro-level what we want is to harmonize the desire to generate profit with the needs of our planet and the needs of all people living on this planet.

Organization Level

At the organization level we need to harmonize the strategy for gaining profits with the structure of the organization and its culture, which can be seen as the heart of the organization.


At the team level the respective projects that achieve the strategy have to be aligned with the basic project structures, i.e. in the form of self-organizing teams whose communication behavior contributes to an effective realization of the projects.

Individual Level

At the individual level we see the intellect developing and achieving projects and strategies, accompanied by an awareness for physical health and an emotionally balanced heart.

Our Team

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Prof. Dr. Kathrin Köster

Kathrin distinguishes herself by her high energy levels, her unreservedly positive outlook and her motivational strength. She knows how to engage in unique ways with the needs and concerns of people and organizations. In her transformation work she…

Dr. Adrian Kreppel


Adrian is the brain and the challenger. Extremely creative – and always coming from a different angle – he offers unusual perspectives and solutions. With a sense of humor, logic, technical understanding and a razor-sharp mind…

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Dr. Julia Schönbrunn

Associate Partner

Julia – a true cosmopolitan who is driven by inquisitiveness and full heartedly embraces change. This is reflected in her versatile background: she is a marketing expert with


What we can do and what we stand for

New Path

We energetically support you to walk courageously on your own path – whichever way best suits you and your organization.

We create with you this way and adapt it to a dynamically changing world.

New horizons

We question your definition of “normal” and open you at the same time to new horizons of experience.

Creation with joy and swing

We empower you and your organization to not only survive in a VUCAD2 environment but to co-create it with joy and swing from your own strength.

In this sense we try hard to make ourselves redundant 😉

Do you want to come along with us?


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