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The rules of the game have changed…

The rhythm of the global markets has changed in the 21st century. Our environment is characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, diversity and dynamics (VUCADD). Any organization that wants to thrive in this environment needs to adapt to this new global beat.

How to move along the new beat?

  • with a clear idea of why your organization does exists and what needs it does serves – a clear-cut purpose
  • with people who are motivated to contribute to the purpose of their organization and who are willing to co-create an organization that is agile

Ready to dance?

It’s important not to get stuck in adapting strategy and structure, that means to rebuild the dance floor (structure) and to select the new tunes (strategy). It’s crucial to FEEL the beat and to move. Clarify your purpose, embrace an agile mind-set, and have fun dancing!

Our framework provides you with the big picture regarding the dance floor, the tunes, and a selection of sequences of steps. If you are really ready to move: we’ve got the tools and techniques to help you to crystallize your purpose, and to further develop an agile mind-set on an individual, team, and organizational level.

We support you to develop a culture of courage, open-mindedness, resilience, appreciation, focus and action-orientation – the qualities needed to move along the beat of a VUCADD-world.

Impressions from Kathrin’s inspirational talk about smarter project management based on Japanese philosophy

Our Portfolio

Our inspirational talks, co-creation workshops and coaching sessions help organizations mastering their transformation process towards agility with focus on mind-set shift. This is how organizations can unleash their full potential and develop products and solutions meeting real needs of global society.

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Our multi-disciplinary team

We share the passion to comprehend complex systems – that’s why we made the effort of doctoral studies in the areas of organizational change, artificial intelligence, network theory and ecology. And we love the challenge to work with one of the most complex systems we have come across: the multi-facetted human being in the context of organizations.

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