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Category : Awareness

By Kathrin Köster

Deep Listening for better collaboration

We all know it: Communication is key, especially in times of disruptive change.
Yet, we always fall into the same trap:
When we talk to each other, we are waiting for our counterpart to take a breather, and then we get rid of what we want to say.
A meeting typically is a series of monologues with occasional comments to pretend attentiveness. It’s often a waste of time and energy. A lost opportunity to co-create solutions.

Are you in for a different communication experience?

Go for a coffee with an open-minded colleague for a deep listening practice.
Agree on the topic: e.g. an experience that made you really happy.
Agree on the rules: no interruptions, no comments, just listening with all senses switched on, fully immersed in what your counterpart is sharing with you.
Start with the challenge: 5 minutes deep listening for each person, then you swap.
Wrap-up: What happened? What did you and your counterpart feel and observe?

You will discover how rich communication can be when you practice deep listening.
Maybe, you’d like to make it a habit in your team and see what impact deep listening has on the quality of collaboration.

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Deep Listening for better collaboration