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Our Team

Prof. Dr. Kathrin Köster



Kathrin distinguishes herself by her high energy levels, her unreservedly positive outlook and her motivational strength. She knows how to engage in unique ways with the needs and concerns of people and organizations. In her transformation work she offers an excellent balance between scientific knowledge and a practical approach. Through her long-standing experience in multiple organizations on different continents she succeeds as few can in changing perspectives. With her insight and intuition she can reveal new horizons and help others to find their own authentic way and to take off. Joy in new discoveries is her elixir of life. Her enthusiasm and her vitality are absolutely contagious. They are the source of inspiration and the shining light of our organization.
Her motto: Cheers – to life!

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Dr. Adrian Kreppel



Adrian is the brain and the challenger. Extremely creative – and always coming from a different angle – he offers unusual perspectives and solutions. With a sense of humor, logic, technical understanding and a razor-sharp mind the information scientist with a Ph.D., patent attorney and crime author calibrates the rest of the team. Using his multi-dimensional perception he succeeds in opening up new ways of thinking for people from varying backgrounds, untangling complicated situations with ease, and creating space for a fresh approach. He doesn’t take life too seriously but all the same he challenges others with profound insights and discoveries to question themselves and the world.

Dr. Julia Schönbrunn

Associate Partner


Julia – a true cosmopolitan who is driven by inquisitiveness and full heartedly embraces change. This is reflected in her versatile background: she is a marketing expert with many years of experience in the consumer goods sector, a designer for interior design and a researcher in the fields of organisational development and network research.

This combination of different fields of knowledge and perspectives serves as a perfect basis for implementing innovative approaches in the transformation process. With her readiness of mind and tools of network analysis, Julia unravels the complexity of organizational structures and provides solutions to transform them towards more agility.

Julia has an outstanding energy level and the special gift of inspiring others. She believes in the power of the individual. She knows how to mobilize this power and motivates the individual to see the meaning of the desired transformation: To promote human-centred innovation that truly serve the human being.

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Elif Mucan, B. A.

Associate Partner


Elif’s key qualities are her passion for human potential and her outstanding intuition.
Her bi-cultural background equips her to shift perspectives easily and point out new ways others couldn’t think of. As a Gallup certified Strengths Coach she encourages organizations and teams to cooperate harmoniously. Individuals working with her profit from her exceptional abilities to discover and nurture their natural talents.
Elif is enthusiastic about change and can equally enthuse others. She has a keen eye for details without losing sight of the big picture. It is not only human beings who inspire her but also pets of all kind that make her heart leap.

Jochen Stettner, M.A.

Associate Partner


Jochen is our visionary AND doer. With him ideas don’t only manifest themselves in words. With a lot of joy and vigor he embraces the most varied duties: From producing bespoke furniture to motivating professionals  to find new ways of management and leadership. Jochen has gained internationality and mutual understanding in particular from his long-standing stays in Latin America and a daily infusion of his bi-cultural marriage. Jochen loves and lives comprehensive development, whether as an entrepreneur in the NGO area, as a traveling companion with his church or with Köster + Partner. Untiringly he devotes himself to being on the move, creating the IT infrastructure of our organization and new ideas for more joy at work, including the swing in our office space.

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