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About us

What we do

Encouraging, co-designing and safeguarding organizational transformation towards an agile mind-set on the individual, team and organizational level – across industries, across countries.

What we thrive on

More purpose-driven organizations worldwide with an inspiring, joyful work environment and a positive impact on society.

Who we are

We are a modern network-based organization founded in 2004 in Germany. We have transformed ourselves from a more classical management and strategy consulting agency towards a team of purpose-driven transformation catalysts.


Dr. Adrian Kreppel



Adrian, a trained computer scientist and patent attorney, is the brain and challenger. Extremely creative and always coming from a different angle, he offers unusual perspectives and solutions.

With his doctorate in artificial intelligence and his passion for self-optimizing systems, he builds the bridge between technology and people, between digital and organizational transformation.

With his distinctive sense of humor as well as his uncompromising logic and razor-sharp mind he supports multidisciplinary teams in turning their innovative ideas into concrete products and solutions. He is extremely good at guiding individuals and teams to high-quality decisions.

As an author of suspense stories, he does not take life too seriously and challenges others with profound insights and discoveries to question themselves and the world.


Dr. Helena Ponstein

Associate Partner


Helena has a green heart. Her key motivation is to contribute to make organizations work in harmony with the needs of our environment.

As a consultant, her mission is to foster the Triple Bottom Line approach in as many organizations as possible. With her dissertation on avoiding green house emissions in global supply chains, she is an expert in going green and loves to be involved in global supply chain projects that make corporate activities more environmentally friendly. She is good at leading multicultural and multidisciplinary teams to success – and she does not shy away from major challenges.

As the founder of a start-up company combining digitization and sustainability, Helena embodies in particular the CORAFA-qualities of courage, open-mindedness, focus and action-orientation.

She passionately works for integrity and doesn‘t get tired to engage in transformation – on an individual and team level.