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Post-vacation Post: Dive with me into energy!

by Kathrin Köster

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Are you back from vacation? I have just spent some weeks in North-East Malaysia to write a new book on self-discovery and would like to share my ‘energy pool’ with you. Do you join me to take a swim with your thoughts? To refresh yourself when you are sitting in your office and need a power break to recharge your batteries?

I immersed myself into the exuberant nature, with its intensity and abundance. It is like diving into a pool of energy – the power of the tropics.

The sheer power of nature in the tropics works like a reset, a reset to feel the essence of life, which to me is: Motion.

The chirring of the rain forest, the ear-battering thunderclaps, the purifying downpours, the rich and humid air – I am enwrapped by nature. I feel the rhythm of the planet. Nothing stands still. Everything around me is in motion – ceaselessly, infinitely. It’s like taking a bath in life. The motion of nature comes into my body. It’s frequencies I can sense, vibrations of excitement – vitality.

The Dance of Life

I am beyond time.

The wind caresses my skin.

And I feel free.

I am enwrapped by tropical abundance.

I plunge into the intensity of the colors, the sounds, the scents.

Everything around me is in motion:

The sea, the sand, the colorful streamers at the beach,

the waving leaves of the palm trees,

my hands flying over the keyboard.

I am inhaling life: Outside is inside, inside is outside.

The essence of life gives me vital power.

I am ready to move on.

I am full of vitality.

What about your life? Are you dancing the dance of life? Where is your energy pool? And what in your life is anti-motion – where are you stuck and standing still? What are you going to do about it?

About Kathrin
Kathrin is a high-energy professor for leadership, executive coach and organizational developer. She strives to raise awareness and strengthen positivity in all spheres of life. She believes in CORAFA: Being Courageous, Open-minded, Resilient, Appreciative, Focused, and Action-oriented.


  • Burak
    11:01 AM - 8 September, 2017

    WOW! These words of yours just took me out of my office to a wonderful, peaceful place.
    Thank you for your great share Kathrin!
    To a tropical weekend full in motion 🙂

  • Nawar Farah
    2:46 PM - 25 October, 2017

    ”The words took me there!”
    Very inspiring! It reminded me of the positive energy I used to have after your lectures. Thanks for sharing!

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Post-vacation Post: Dive with me into energy!